Hydraulic Compressor Machine

Hydraulic Compressor Machine

The description of the primary body is as per the following.

Primary Body:- Main Body is made out of one piece strong carbon steel square. The Design and width of body are maintained to the point that it can withstand stack up to 130 MT up to which is tried 100 times previously dispatch. This body is exhausted to rectify measure and crushed splendidly in order to suit Ram

Pump Block:- This Block Carries two nos. pumps i.e. Low Pressure Pump and High Pressure pump, one no security valve, one no discharge valve one no. weight measure.

Oil Tank and Supporting Stand:- Oil tank is created from metal steel and plates. Oil Tank contains 2 ltrs Hydraulic oil 32 or 68 no. of Indian Oil Corporation. No other oil ought to be utilized as a part of the machine.

Oil Gauge:- Transparent oil check is given on one side of the oil tank, through which oil level is unmistakable. Least and most extreme position of oil level is set apart on this Gauge.

Slam:- Ram is made self-withdrawing write by settling it with bearer Plate, which thusly is settled with 4 curled springs. With this game plan when the heap is discharged the slam recover its unique position naturally.

Pumps:- These are the imperative parts of the compressor machine. Low weight pump is fit for creating weight up to 500 Kg/cm square i.e. push of 40 tons and where as high weight is fit for creating weight up to 1100 Kg/cm sq i.e. push of 125 Ton. This is a definitive weight up to which this machine is tried.

Discharge Valve:- Release valve is utilized to discharge the weight of machine. It can be worked basically by hand weight.

Wellbeing Valve:- This valve is utilized to preset the machine at wanted burdens. This valve gives security to machine from over stacking.

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